I do what I love — I run a 7-figure business that I built from scratch, and have the honor of helping men and women lead rich, meaningful, and abundant lives through their businesses.I help Entrepreneurs create businesses they love,serve their clients with grace and ease so that they can start writing their stories and living their dreams while they get rewarded for it.


I always tell people: We start somewhere. My “somewhere” was a small rural area in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe, where I was born. Growing up in poverty is something hard to explain — and I’ll tell you more about it later — but I am grateful for it… because it sparked a realization in me.


I looked around my life’s situation and realized that it wasn’t my story. I felt like I was living in someone else’s story.


Just like you are the author of your life. I realized could begin writing a new story. I could write the life I want to lead.

Today, I’m grateful to say that I’ve built several successful businesses from scratch and have always felt guided by a higher calling.

My DREAM clients know that they want to make a difference and they want to create  businesses they love. They have gifts that they want to weave into their business model. They are compassionate, committed, and set on creating income that is true to their highest intention.

I love what I do because the men and women I support truly get results , they start living their dreams from the core of their authenticity, suddenly find their true voice and they  start to shine.

We are sparked by purpose. For some, creating a socially conscious business means leaving a legacy for your children. It is the difference between money for the sake of money (boo) or creating abundance to lead a spiritually rich, and satisfying life.

We were all put on this planet to do something special. It starts with a small, almost imperceptible feeling. Picture that feeling as a precious seed. Ask it what it needs. You can prune it, shape it, and make it into a beautiful plant that will bear fruit.

I’ll show you how to put it into action, supporting you every step of the way.

Click here to tell me what your goals are in business and life. If you’re feeling stuck or unsure where to start, let’s get you started. We’ll connect you with a network of vibrant, loving, and supportive entrepreneurs who can support you.


To get results in business, you don’t have to be the most brilliant or accomplished person in the room — you’ve just got to get started.

The good news is that ANYONE with their heart set on growing their business can take the next steps towards an abundant life. When I took my first step — booking a one-way ticket from Zimbabwe to the UK — I didn’t quite feel ready but I knew in my heart that taking the first leap of faith was the right thing for me.

And it was really, really was worth it.

Click here to introduce yourself. I can’t wait to meet you!

Big love,

I’m here to help you create your successful business and life of your dreams.

Turn your gifts, talents and your million dollar idea into a profitable business. 

You've been in the trenches. You've learned from your successes - and failures. You've even helped friends and family design a lifestyle or business they love, yet you are struggling


It's time to create a business you love so that you can stop wasting time trading dollars for money and be rewarded for it!!

This is exactly where I come in my friend. 

I will walk  with you step by step and will help you find your voice, attract your dream clients while you live your dream with grace and ease.

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